Calculation of Cycling Speed - Example 1

This note deals with the analyses of Climbing by bike.

The Example taken is a record ride by Marco Pantani, 19th of july 1997, climbing Alpe d'Huez.
It was stage 14 of that year's Tour de France.

The results are obtained by using equation (23) of Junghsen Lieh's paper in Human ePower Journal, december 2006. (See other posts)

To define the grade of the slopes use has been made of:

Below, at the right handside in yellow, an estimate of used gear is added from which a possible cadance is next calculated.

At left one finds V-flat, which is the cycling speed at a flat road that also acquires 370 Watt.

Finally it is found that Pantani developped 6.49 Watt/kg body mass.

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